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New Car Booking

Toyota Rawal Motors offers easy booking procedures for our Customers providing easy and user-friendly financial plans for car booking and delivery.

Booking Process

  1. Customer biometric is must in the dealership before making the pay order from the bank.
  2. Make Pay Order/demand draft for the price of the vehicle you are booking in the name of Indus Motor Company ltd on A/c of customer name.
  3. Bring valid orignal CNIC.
  4. All prices are provisional and subject to change without prior notice. Prices are inclusive of freight charges.
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We buy and sell used vehicles. Any car can be exchanged with a used certified or a brand new Toyota. The best used cars are thoroughly checked on 203 checked points and are given a nationwide warranty by Indus Motor Company.


Up to 1 Year/15,000 KM OEM Warranty* which can be availed at any Toyota Dealership in Pakistan.


Only the best cars are certified by Toyota SURE, ensuring quality and reliability for our customers.


Spread across Pakistan, you can avail services at any Toyota 3S Dealership nationwide.

Do Not Just Dream It, Do It!

Periodic Maintenance Service

Unmatchable Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

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We Value Your Time

Enjoy Complete Maintenance Within 60 Minutes With Our Express Maintenance Service


Clients love us

Our customer’s positive feedback always motivates us to bring top quality services and maintain the highest standards.

  • Deedar Karim star

    I took my vitz to fix Excel boot they changed and they suggested me to change transmission fluid because it was in bad condition I am satisfied with their service and Mr shahed is the best person who did it for my car thanks.

  • Khalid Hussaini star

    Conveniently located for residents of Bahria Town and DHAI. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I am fully satisfied with the job done by them. Labor charges are a bit expensive as compared to Toyota centers in Karachi.

  • Junaid Janjua star

    I went there for oil change in my toyota grande. The customer service staff is very cooperative. Mechanic is good in his work and waiting area is also good and cool.

  • Qazi Ali star

    This is a fantastic place fully equipped with Toyota's all vehicles parts and accessories along with sale and services... But it's little bit more than expensive than expectations.

why Choose us?

We aim to provide the best services in town while not ignoring the economical aspect. At Toyota Rawal Motors, our valued customers enjoy the expertise, attention to detail, and commitment driving them to a hassle-free experience.

  • 20+

    Years of Presence

  • 100%

    Toyota Certified Technicians

  • 99%

    Customer Satisfation

  • 99%

    Employee Satisfaction

Car Care Tips

Following a regular maintenance routine will help extend the life of your car as well as keep your cars performance at its peak.



Do not accelerate your engine during start-up as this quickly adds to the wear of the car engine. Accelerate slowly when you begin your drive. Shift to neutral at red lights to give the engine some time to rest.

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Washing your car keeps it clean, shiny and free from corrosion. Remember to clean the car interior too. Dirt particles are abrasive while spilled liquids such as sodas and juices can be corrosive.

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  • Must wax your car too

    Waxing your car regularly protects you cars paint job by slowing oxidation and by creating a barrier against bird droppings and pollution. It also makes the car look good by adding extra shine.

  • Always park in the shade

    Parking your car in the shade prevents interior damage by UV rays and protects your cars paint job. If a shaded area is not available, use a car shade to minimize the suns impact.

  • Change engine oil and filter regularly

    Many car owner’s manual today recommend increasing the interval between oil changes. But frequent oil change is still necessary especially if you are maintaining a used car. Frequent oil changes flush abrasive dirt and metal particles out of the engine, thus prolonging its life. Change the oil filters because the old filters contain buildup of oil and dirt particles that will otherwise remain and mix with the new, clean oil.

  • Always take care of your tyres

    Check your tyre pressure at regular intervals and keep them inflated to the recommended pressure specified in your user manual. Another thing to look out for is uneven wear. If you have properly maintained the tyre pressure, then uneven wear might suggest that it is time for wheel realignment.

  • Clean your car engine

    Wash your engine at least every year. A clean engine runs cooler than a dirty one. A clean engine also enables you to easily spot leaks and service its components. You may have your engine professionally steam cleaned or you may opt to do it yourself. In this case, make sure you protect sensitive engine components including the air intake, distributor and electrical parts with plastic bags before getting started. You may use a grease-cutting detergent and a bristle brush to scrub the engine. Make sure to rinse thoroughly once done.

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